Our curriculum inspires a lifelong love of learning through research-based instruction and expert instruction by early childhood experts.

Our Educational Philosophy

Our students at Victoria English School (VES) enter into this stage of their educational journey with ever developing competencies and skills. Being part of the British Education family we strive to make our curriculum offer both inclusive and enjoyable – the Ultra Curriculum. Our own unique brand of education is centered on excellence with a strong sense of enrichment and enjoyment embedded throughout the daily experience. As a school we continuously pursue a balance between local and international traditions and developing a forward thinking, innovative approach to learning. We endeavor to provide an experience that inspires our students to be lifelong learners and support them to become global citizens.

VES Education enrichment model

The VES Education enrichment model promotes learning beyond the curriculum through specifically designed engagement activities, with parents, students, local and international organisations, universities, and partner schools, local and international communities. Volunteering opportunities, internships and entrepreneurship programmes with the help and support of all stake holders is an important part of our engagement portfolio.

Developing Our Students Beyond the Classroom

Education is so much more than academics; we also focus on developing our student’s into competent and confident global citizens. The curriculum is designed to prepare students as ‘Post 21st century learners’ by developing the attitude of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and social reformers, creating high achievers. Based on the values of perseverance, integrity and trust, the ultra-curriculum develops our students into open-minded, self-reflective, confident and continuous learners.